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Arc Engineering produces a range of contemporary street furniture construct either entirely on stainless steel or stainless steel with timber trim. The range includes benches, litter bins, planters and bollards. Choose from one of our standard designs or we would be delighted to produce a bespoke design to suit your exact requirements. Stainless Steel is the perfect material for production of street furniture, long lasting, maintenance free and vandal resistant.
  Our Wardle Octagonal Bench is ideal centre piece and a delightful feature providing seating around a tree or other feature. Our design can be easily tailored to suit your requirements but the seat shown here is approx 2m across flats and has eight individual seats. This bench was donated by Arc Engineering to Wardle High School in their garden in memorium of their head teacher Mr. Giblin.
  Our Range of Planters and Litter Bins are available in standard sizes but again can easily be made in almost any shape or size. The bins and planters can be root or floor mounted and come complete with Galvanised or polypropylene removeable liner
Our Benches are available constructed entirely in stainless steel or in stainless steel with Iroko timber laths. The benches can be root or floor fixed and can be manufactured in straight lengths or curved and can easily be adapted to provide "continuous seating"

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